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Revit Architecture

Revit Architecture & Revit Structure is a BIM software which stands for building information modeling. Revit Architecture software is also known as a building design software which helps architects and interior designers in creating detailed drawinings. In this software you can create 2D and 3D both designs effectively and quickly. Revit is a very Advanced software compared with other Architectural 2D or 3D softwares. This Software is in huge demand in the field of Architecture and Interior designing in india as well as in abroad. This Revit software is used by almost millions of designers & engineers all over the world.

History of Revit Software

Revit has a very interesting history and also before Learning this Revit Sofware you should be aware of its history. In 1997 the founder of Charles River software company are two Software Developers. Their main aim was to bring parametric modeling power into the architecture & civil structural sector. As these founders had already also developed some famous parametric modeling software for mechanical industry. They want to bring this technology into building industry. So the founders of this company tied up with some funding partners, developers and architects and started the development of  Revit Software. In 2000 the founders of this company renamed this software company as Revit Technology Corporation. In 2002 Autodesk acquired this Revit Technology Corporation. Autodesk has done more improvement in Revit software and if we talk about todays time then Revit Software is the main leader in BIM  segment. So we can say that Autodesk is the key player in building information modelling segment.

Latest Updates on Revit Architecture

As we all are aware that Autodesk recently launched its Revit 2022, this version of Revit offers more advanced features for designers & architects. You can now create more beautiful renders in this latest version of revit software. This 2022 version is now more efficient for creating documents not only for designers & architects but also for engineers. Performance of this version has also improved as compared with the previous versions. This 2022 version of Revit is also big in size and also requires a good compatable system to run the application.

Revit Architecture Courses in Delhi at Pisces Education

Pisces Education has the best name in Revit Architecture training Institute in Delhi and our main purpose is to provide you detailed knowledge about this software. We are located in the heart of delhi and this is one of the best Revit institute in Delhi & South Delhi. Current market trend knowledge and providing practical exposer to the students is our main aim. Revit Architecture courses in Delhi at Pisces Education covers all latest topics of this software. We Provide best Revit courses in delhi and also all classes on this software are conducted by the best experts. So if you are searching the best training institute for Revit Architecture in South Delhi then Pisces is the best option available. Online training also Available for Revit Courses. We are the No.1 Revit training Institute in Delhi. Revit Courses in Delhi at Pisces Education offers you very advanced syllabus along with Vray rendering. This Revit training institute in delhi also provides best placements to our students in top architectural firms in Delhi, Noida & Gurgaon.

Who Can Join Revit Architecture

Anyone can join this course there is no prerequisites required for joining this course. If you have any knowledge in other architectural software then it will be a plus point otherwise a freshers can also join Revit Architecture training courses in Delhi at our Centre in South Delhi.

The details of Revit Architecture training in Delhi at Pisces Education is as following :

Revit Architecture with V-Ray

Normal Track : 2 Months or Fast Track : 1 Month

Revit Architecture is the very advanced software for architects and interior designers and is also a building information modeling tool. It helps architects and designers in calculating the quantity and costing involved iin the project. So it is must these days to learn this software. This Revit Course in Delhi is specially designed for Architects and Designers. Detail for Revit Architecture training in Delhi is as follow :

  • Getting Started
  • Revit Fundamentals
  • Basic Modify and Reporting Tools
  • Modeling Essentials
  • Core and Shell
  • Walls - An In-Depth Look
  • Create Floors and Ceilings
  • Place Doors and Windows
  • Building Structure
  • Stairs and Railings
  • Building Interiors
  • Site Tools
  • Schedules and Tags
  • Annotation
  • Dimensions and Constraints
  • Drafting and Detailing
  • View Graphics
  • Views and Sheets
  • Printing and Publishing
  • Managing Your Projects
  • Managing Settings
  • Conceptual Design
  • Design Analysis
  • Worksharing
  • Collaboration
  • Groups
  • Phases
  • Design Options
  • Construction Modeling
  • Family Creation
  • Presentation Views
  • Using Schedules for Material Cost
  • Estimation
  • Rendering (V-Ray)
  • Projects.

Overview of Revit Architecture

Known for BIM or Building Information Modeling, Revit Architecture is the most powerful tool for architects and interior designers in the industry. This software is very important to learn in todays competitive world. This software Also holds upperhand when compared to other designing softwares for designers and architects.

Revit Architecture comes with latest tools for designing 2D and 3D designs very effectively and quickly with proper details of quantity and costing.

Why You Should Learn Revit Courses

Revit Architecture is known for mainly building infornation design and works very friendly for architects and designers. Revit software is important to learn because it makes 2D and 3D designs simultaniously. You can also prepare Costing and Quantity details very easily using this software. 

You can also create good 3D images for presentation for your clients. So you can say that its an all rounder software for architects and designers. Pisces Education offers best Revit training courses in Delhi.

Learning Objective for Revit Training :

Pisces Education in South Delhi helps in providing you the best available resourses and labs for learning Revit Architecture Software.
Costing and Quantity of any material can be calculated very easily by using this software. Also its very easy to prepare sheet for quantity.
Revit Architecture also helps in creating 3D Images for Architects.
This Revit also designs model very easily, and also we can edit easily and create stairs and railing
Revit also helps in visuaization and also helps in cutting cost and to control cost for a project you are involved with. 

Learning Outcome for Revit Training :

With the help of Revit Architecture you will learn to create Architectural images required for presentation
You will learn how to create Quantity sheets
You will also learn how to control the costing of the project
Also learn how to cut the cost
Revit also helps you to learn in creating 3D file for the 2D you made.



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