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CorelDraw Course in Delhi | Best CorelDraw Training Institute in South Delhi

Are you searching Online for the best CoreDraw Course in delhi, then Pisces Education offers you the most advanced CorelDraw Classes from industry experts. Mentors have also developed the advanced syllabus for CorelDraw Online Course and this is designed specially for Photographers, Graphic designers, Web Designers, Animators, Fashion Designers and all other creative field Students and Professionals. If you are planning to learn CorelDraw Online or Offline then you should join Pisces Education because this is considered as the best CorelDraw training Institute in South Delhi.

What is CorelDraw ?

One of the most important vector graphics editor tools is CorelDRAW which is published by Corel Corporation. CorelDRAW is the ultimate 2D graphic designing solution used in printing advertising, designing the product, and designing architectural layouts and it is probably possible that every designer now or then has used CorelDRAW for designing purposes. It is a popular graphic designing tool and is used by Millions of designers in the Industry. Today, we will see some of its key features, its History, and the Career scope that it offers. 

What History Tells About CorelDraw ? 

Back in 1987, two engineers named Michael Bouillon and Pat Beirne started designing CorelDRAW and planned to develop a vector-based illustration program. Then finally they came up with CorelDRAW in 1989 and released that in the market. CorelDRAW used to run on Windows versions thus it was widely used by Windows users back then. Later they upgraded their versions and added many file format support and import/export support. Every year newer versions kept on coming and currently it is running on its 24th version. 

Features and Benefits For Joining CorelDraw Course in South Delhi 

CorelDRAW is widely used in the Industry because of its features and benefits that it offers. This design solution offers a suite of features that produce stunning graphic design. Some of the key features include:

• LiveSketch Tool: One of the reasons for using this tool is for this amazing feature. You can now immediately execute as long as you have a pen-enabled device. You can make your ideas a reality with the help of CorelDRAW. LiveSketch has a feature that automatically chooses the best font for you. This makes your whole work a lot easier. 

• Corel Font Manager: CorelDRAW has its unique Font Manager where Corel automatically creates awesome fonts for you and there is a wide range of fonts to choose from. So, if you are working on a project and couldn't find the perfect font, then probably you need to use the Font Manager. 

• Stunning GU interface: CorelDRAW also offers a high-class Graphical User Interface that is touch friendly. This means you can now create awesome designs with the help of the Touch-friendly GU interface. It also has the Gaussian Blur feature which automatically detects and blurs the unimportant part. This is the reason the Industry uses this tool on large scale. You can Choose Pisces Education for the best CorelDraw Course in South Delhi near Kalkaji, Nehru Place, Saket, Okhla, Govindpuri, Sangam Vihar, Khanpur, Badarpur, Greater Kailash & Faridabad.

Why to Search For CorelDraw Course Near Me ? 

CorelDRAW is a great design tool to learn. If you become a skilled designer then there are a lot of career opportunities waiting for you. As you know there is a huge demand for designers, thus it becomes more beneficial for you too. You can work as a skilled UI designer or a skilled Graphic designer. If you want you can also work as an Entry level Graphic designer. However, some MNCs specifically focus on the CorelDRAW tools and hire for CorelDRAW designer positions. So, you can see there is a lot of opportunity waiting for you. Also CorelDraw Course fees in Delhi is reasonable. Just search online for CorelDraw Course near me this will give you lots of institutes option near your place and join the classes today by enrolling in some good Photoshop & CorelDraw training institute.

CorelDraw Course Details : 

Normal Track  (1 Month)  or  Fast Track  (15 Days)

Getting started with Introduction
Corel Draw Introduction
Corel Draw Features
Working with Interface
Tool Box Moving from Adobe
Illustrator to Corel Draw
Common Tasks
Coloring and Drawing
Objects Selection
Basic Shapes Creations
Objects Reshaping
Organising objects
Creating Outlines and color fills
Working with Text
Text Tool
paragraph and artistic text
Text Formatting
Embedding Objects into text
Wrapping Text around Object
Linking Text to Objects
Working with Effects
Working with Blends
Contour Effects
Lens effects
Working with Depth Effects
Power Clips
Applying Bitmap Commands
Working with Bitmaps
Bitmaps Editing
Applying effects on Bitmaps
Corel Draw for Web 
Creating Tool bar
webpage setting
Exporting files
Making buttons with rollover effects
Making Visiting Card
Making Posters
Making Banners
Making Pamphlets
Making Brochures
Making Wedding Cards
Making Birthday Cards
Making Logo


For CorelDraw Full Course Why to Choose Pisces Education ? 

If you are excited to learn CorelDRAW Course in detail then you must start today. But, if you are Taking CorelDraw full course all on your own then it might be difficult for you to understand some of the in-depth features. That's why we suggest you join the best CorelDRAW Training Institute in Delhi South and learn each of the functionalities of CorelDRAW in depth. Trainers will guide you in every way possible and you will get a course competition certificate after you are done with your training. If you are a fresher, then this Certificate will enhance your CV and you will get a chance to work with top MNCs. So, don't waste much time and contact Pisces Education to know more about the course and details. Start learning with Pisces Education and design your career. 



• Will My Desktop Support CorelDraw ? 

A: You should at least have 4GB ram, Windows 10 or newer versions, Intel Core i3/i5/i7/i9, Or AMD Ryzen 3/5/7/9.

• Is CorelDraw training online or Offline ? 

A: Both Online and Offline. If you stay in Delhi then it is recommended to attend the training physically. Else you can register for the online training sessions. 

• If I face Any Difficulties during CorelDraw Classes, Will Pisces Help Me with a Solution ? 

A: Our Teachers are there to help you whenever you face any kind of difficulty. So, don't worry about that. 

• What is the CorelDraw Course Duration ? 

A: Normally, CorelDraw is a 1 month course where you will get to know this tool in depth and do your own projects. 

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