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V-Ray (Lights & Render)

Enroll in No.1 VRay Training Institute in Delhi for Best Results !!

VRay course in Delhi

Vray is a 3D rendering software that allows its users to create photorealistic images and animations. It also comes with a large number of pre-built materials, textures and maps. Vray is not just used for design but also for various fields such as architecture, engineering, real imaging and VR.

The Vray course will teach you how to set up Vray renderings in your scene and how to use the Vray render settings to create an impressive image or animation. You will learn about the different types of materials that can be used in this software along with their properties and how they work with one another. 

Vray online course gives you the power to create photorealistic materials in 3D. It is used by many different industries, including architecture, automotive design, and entertainment. The Vray course in delhi also includes information on creating maps, textures and lighting effects.

What is the scope of learning Vray Course? 

In Vray training course in delhi, you can learn fundamentals of  Vray and how it works as well as how to use it to render realistic materials. You can also learn various types of  Vray materials that are available such as Diffuse and Specular maps, Image Based lighting maps (IBL), Normal maps, Displacement maps etc.

The Vray advanced course is designed for artists who want to learn more about the Vray renderer, but also for those who want to improve their skills in 3D modeling, texturing, shading, lighting and rendering. The course will teach you how to create a scene from start to finish with a few simple steps.

Vray classes advanced provides an in-depth introduction to the Vray Render and also contains a set of practical exercises for you to practice your knowledge. The Vray online classes are designed for professional 3D artists who are already familiar with Vray and want to learn more about its advanced features and techniques.
This online course will help you get a better understanding of the Vray Renderer and its features, as well as provide you with hands-on experience in using them.

Learning Vray Course at Pisces Education

Vray course by Pisces Education- the best Vray training institute in delhi, will provide you with a step-by-step approach to learning the basics of Vray while improving your skills in 3D modeling. The course includes a number of practical exercises that will help you get started with Vray and learn the basics of 3D modeling. You can combine it with various different courses such as Sketchup and Vray course or 3ds max with vray course. 

There are also courses that are designed for Vray users who are having trouble with their workflow. It will show you how to get the most out of your Vray experience and make sure that you are not wasting time on skillsets that you don't have and instead focus on what you are best at - creativity and emotions. You can also search for VRay Classes Near Me to find the institute nearby your place.

The Vray training in delhi by Pisces Education will help students learn how to use the render, how to create scenes and objects and also how to render them with Vray. By enrolling in 3ds Max and Vray course in south delhi at Pisces Education in Kalkaji near nehru place, greater kailash, okhla and sangam vihar, you get to know different aspects of the software such as creating scenes and objects, rendering them with the software and much more.

Please Note : This advanced training course requires reasonable knowledge on 3Ds Max or SketchUp software for which you are learning Vray. 

Pisces Education has put together many similar wonderful courses too such as sketchup Vray course in south delhi. So get started & enroll today ! 

V-Ray (Lights & Render) :


Normal Track Duration : 1 Month        or       Fast Track Duration : 15 Days


Vray training course is designed for professionals already working with 3D Max or SketchUp and wants to improve the quality of their renders. This Vray classes will let you understand how to work effectively in Vray 5.0 with 3D Max 2022 and Sketchup 2022. After completing your training at this Vray Institute in Delhi you will get perfect in making good quality images with proper lighting effects. In this you will also be making 6 projects with different render and lights. 



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Q) How Can I Enroll in VRay Course ?

A : If you want to enroll for VRay Course in Delhi then simply go to the ‘Contact’ section and there you will see Phone numbers in the ‘Phone’ section. Just dial and get connected with our education counselors and they will guide you in detail about the admission procedure.
Otherwise, if you want to visit our office then visit us at K-1/52, Chittranjan Park, Main Road ( Opposite 'B' Block Gurudwara of Kalkaji ) New Delhi - 110019. Visit our Institute to talk to our counselors in detail.

Q) Should I Get Any Sort of Placement-Related Help After Completing VRay Training ?

A : Definitely. We have certain tie-ups for placement after Vray Training in Delhi at Pisces Institute from where students will get the proper placement-related guidance and prepare for the interviews. 

Q) How Much can I Earn as an Entry Level VRay Designer ?

A : Talking about the earning part, all we can say that sky is the limit. The more skilled Designer or 3D Architect you are the more you can earn. It depends on your capabilities, if you are serious enough then there are big opportunities waiting for you.

Q) Do I Need to Have My Own Laptop / Desktop to Start VRay Classes ?

A : If you are attending Vray course online from your home then definitely you need a laptop or desktop with proper internet connectivity. In case you are attending the Vray classes in delhi from our center, then you don’t need to worry because we have high-tech labs designed for you.

Q) What is the fee structure for the VRay Course ?

A : You have to talk to our counsellors to know the fee structure in detail. Just go to the ‘Contact’ section and call us now for best dealson Vray Course.

Q) Among Thousands of Other VRay Training Institute in Delhi, Why should I Enroll with Pisces Education ?

A : Because Pisces Education is there since 2007 and it is one of the oldest Vray Institute in delhi and students believe that there is no substitute for Pisces as mentors are very friendly and interactive and learning sessions are also engaging. 


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