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AutoCAD is the most popular 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) tool which is released by Autodesk Inc. back in 1982. Before AutoCAD, people used to draw and edit 2D and 3D drafts of paper. AutoCAD has digitalized the whole process and eased the process of 3D drafting and CAD. AutoCAD is used in the field of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, BIM Modeling, Construction, and other fields. Because of the user-friendly interface and customizable features, AutoCAD allows designers, engineers, and other professionals to improve productivity and add value to their projects.

Top Career Opportunities after learning AutoCAD Training Course

AutoCAD is one of the most essential CAD tools in the designing and construction industry. That’s why the demand for AutoCAD designer is always there. So, we will list down the career opportunities that you can get after you complete your AutoCAD training Course :

• Architecture and Construction Engineer

It is not a new fact that AutoCAD is widely used in Architecture and Construction industry. That is why it is used to create building plans, elevations, and 3D renderings. Architects, Drafters, and Building Designers often use AutoCAD to develop and communicate with design teams. That’s how AutoCAD is used to create high-end architectural designs and complexes.

• Manufacturing Designer

AutoCAD is used in Manufacturing industries as well to create detailed Engineering drawings, and blueprints and for the production of products. Manufacturing companies use AutoCAD to develop accurate and detailed drawings which are then used to guide the production process. AutoCAD designers have the responsibility to develop accurate manufacturing designs according to the requirement.

• Product Designer

Product Designers use AutoCAD to create detailed drawings and 3D models of products according to the requirements. This AutoCAD profession needs accuracy and proper knowledge of AutoCAD tools and their features. Product designers often work closely with other members of the design team to ensure that the product quality is of top-notch quality.

• CAD Technician

Another great career opportunity for skilled AutoCAD designers is CAD Technician. CAD Technicians use the AutoCAD tool to create and modify the technical drawings which are further taken to production. CAD technicians always have to communicate with Engineers, Designers, and Designing team to make sure that all technical drawings are accurate and meet all the desired expectations This is done with the help of Revit Course along with AutoCAD.

• Process Engineer

Another career opportunity for an AutoCAD designer is Process Engineer. As a Process Engineer, you have to maintain all the processes of Designing and keep track of the Engineering team to make sure that all requirements are met. Process Engineers use the AutoCAD tool to create and modify drawings, models, and schematics of manufacturing processes to come out and develop high-end designs.

In the above AutoCAD Course, you need to have good technical knowledge along with good hands-on experience in AutoCAD.

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