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SketchUp Pro (Google Sketchup earlier) is a 3D Modelling computer design programme for making drawings of a wide range such as interior design, video game design, architectural,civil and mechanical design engineering, film, etc . Hundreds of thousands of professionals in interiors, construction, architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, commercial light construction, urban planning, game design, kitchen bath design, woodworking, film stage, and many of other fields use Google SketchUp.

History of Google SketchUp 

A Long way back in 2000 the software by the name of SketchUp was launched by the software company known as @Last Softwares. The main aim of this software is to make 3D models electively, Quikly and more efficiently for designers and architects. @Last main aim was to make sketchUp models to easily get placed in google earth and they were successful in doing so. By seeing sketchup performance google got impressed and they decided to buy the SketchUp. Again way back in 2006 google finally made a deal with @Last softwares for sketchup at some undefined amount. After its purchase google first launched the free version of SketchUp. Later till 2010 they launched many versions of sketchUp such as sketchUp 6, 7 and 8. Then in 2012 Google made a deal with Trimble Incorporation  for selling SketchUp. Finally Trimble purchased it in 2012 and in 2013 they released the latest version of SketchUp 2013. After that trimble had launched many latest versions of SketchUp. Also after purchasing this software from google they renamed the software as SketchUp Pro. Before learning Google SketchUp Course in Delhi you should be aware of its history also.

Latest Updates on SketchUp Pro

We hope you must be aware that Trimble Incorporation has launched SketchUp Pro 2022 few days back. This 2022 SketchUp is the latest released version of SketchUp from Trimble Incorporation. SketchUp 2022 is more advanced as compared with its previous versions. It works more effectively and efficiently. The size of this software is also more big as compared to its previous versions. You will also required a good configured system to run this application. This version of SketchUp has improved working with .SKP file formats. Sketchup 2022 is also much faster than SketchUp previous versions. This SketchUp training Institute in Delhi will help you in learning the latest 2022 version of software with all advanced features available.

Why to Join Google SketchUp Courses in Delhi

If you want to get trained in the most efficient and easy to learn 3D Modelling tool for Interior Designers and architects then learning Google SketchUp Course will be the best choice for you. This software is in huge demand these days by many interior designing firms in india as well as in abroad. It's easy and fast to learn 3D designing tool for Interior Designers and Architects.

Who Can Join Google SketchUp Institute in Delhi

There is no prerequisites for joining Google Sketchup institute in Delhi. Anyone with just basic computers knowledge can join this Google Sketchup course at South Delhi at our Centre. Also its very easy and simple to learn Sketchup Pro as compared with other 3D Modeling softwares available in the industry. SketchUp Pro or SketchUp is very important for Architects and Interior Designers. Freelancers working for Interior Designers and Architects should also learn SketchUp for creating realistic Interior and Exterior 3D renders.

Google SketchUp Courses in Delhi at Pisces Education

If you are searching the right place for learning Google Sketchup Course in Delhi then you are at the correct place because Pisces Education is one of the best and also the No.1 Google SketchUp Training Institute in Delhi & South Delhi for Providing the best course content with best industry professionals imparting high quality training on SketchUp training course on latest version 2022. We at Pisces Education mainly focuses on practical knowledge and will help you in creating high quality image renders, 3D architectural walkthroughs and also 360 renders using VRay for SketchUp. You can also take Google SketchUp Course Online. Weekend and Weekdays both batches are available for SketchUp training Course in Delhi with both Online and Offline mode. All Classes at this SketchUp institute in Delhi are Project Oriented. 

Following are the details of Google Sketchup training in Delhi (South) available at Pisces Education :

Google SketchUp with V-Ray

Normal Track : 1 Month or Fast Track : 15 Days

SketchUp Training Course in South Delhi fulfills the need of 2D & 3D design visualization industry. Google SketchUp Training Online or Classroom is useful mainly for drawing quickly designs for Building (Interior & Exterior). The main purpose of learming this course is to help students to become professional in 3D Architectural Design Visualization. This training will give them best practical knowledge to the students, how to work with SketchUp in the Architectural and Interior Design field. The details are as follows :


  • Introduction
  • Application User Interface
  • Drawing Tools
  • Construction Tools
  • Measurements
  • Dimensions Tool
  • Follow me Tools
  • Layer Manager
  • Page Manager
  • Solid tool
  • Sandbox
  • Material Browser (VRay)
  • Material Editor (VRay)
  • Lighting (Vray)
  • Warehouse
  • Section
  • Advanced Camera (VRay)
  • Walkthrough Tools
  • Rendering Tools (Vray)


  • Compound objects
  • The LayOut interface
  • Drawing lines and arcs
  • Drawing rectangles
  • Drawing circles and polygons
  • Modifying line styles and color
  • Working with text
  • Inserting SketchUp models
  • Manipulating SketchUp models
  • Working with dimensions
  • Arranging and grouping objects
  • Creating scrapbooks
  • Creating presentations
  • Exporting and printing

Creating Styles with Style Builder

  • The Style Builder interface
  • Working with strokes

Importing and Exporting

  • Importing objects from AutoCAD
  • Importing other 3D objects
  • Exporting objects
  • Exporting objects for rendering


System Required For Learning Google SketchUp Course

You Should have atleast a good Processor with RAM not less than 8GB and Graphic Card not less than 2GB in your Desktop or Laptop for Learning SketchUp Courses in Delhi. Also remember Updated 64 Bit Windows 10 is recommended for Installing Latest versions of SketchUp. You will get trained from basics to advanced at this Google Sketchup institute in Delhi.

Learning Objective For Google SketchUp Training

You can create beautiful 3D renders as well as 3D Architectural walkthroughs after Completing Google SketchUp Training in Delhi at Pisces Education. You can Become a Professional SketchUp Pro Designer after completing this Course and can get a good salary package in Interior Designing and Architectural Firms. You can also become a Freelancer for creating 3D Designs for Interior Designers and Architects. 


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