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Graphic Designing Courses

Graphic Designing training in South Delhi institute at Pisces Education, specializes in intelligent, creativity and industry based . We have outstanding record in employment for this graphics designing programe .our students have placed in top companies in locally and nationally . All classes are Practical.
You will acquire the training and portfolio necessary for interview to the entry-level career opportunities with Organizations, Educational Institutions, Agencies, Entertainment Companies, and Publications etc.

Details for Graphic Designing Courses Available at Pisces Education

Graphic Designing ( Normal Track : 6 Months or Fast Track : 3 Months )

Career Opportunities in Graphic Designing

Career opportunities include: Graphic Designer, Desktop Publisher, Freelance Graphic Design and Desktop Publisher. Industries include: all businesses, particularly the printing and publishing industries, but graphic designers can specialise in the music industry, advertising, corporate, and so on. Graphic designers produce designs and layouts of text and images for reproduction in print and electronic media such as advertising and promotion, events and exhibitions, packaging and product covers, magazines and newspapers, books and websites, and for corporate stationery and branding materials.

Career Options in Graphic Designing :


  • Visualiser
  • Creative Support Professional
  • Studio Manager
  • Media Specialist
  • Art Designer 


  • Multimedia Author
  • Script Writer
  • DTP Specialist
  • Creative Publishing Professional
  • Layout Artist and Designer
  • Graphic Artist
  • Cartoonist 

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